Non Alcoholic Sangria

Non Alcoholic Sangria So all this week I have basically been giving you ideas that you can incorporate for breakfast or brunch. And what would breakfast or brunch be without a nice relaxing and cool beverage?

You could stick to orange or apple juice if you want, but why not do something a little ….extra. That is when I thought about Sangria. Traditionally Sangria is made with white or red wine. However, I do realize that not everyone drinks alcohol or like wine so I said to myself  “Self, make a version of Sangria for everyone to enjoy regardless of their alcohol preference”. I had to give my “self” kudos for that because it was such a great idea to make a Non Alcoholic Sangria.

I don’t know about you but I could just stare at this picture forever. Its bright; its colorful; it makes you thirty; it makes you want to go on vacation (maybe that’s just me). Okay, okay, back to the pink stuff. This recipe is very simple. All you need is some cranberry cocktail or pure juice ( I used cocktail, but I think I am going to use pure cranberry juice next time), some brewed tea, a 17 oz. bottle of sparkling grapefruit juice (carbonated water), fresh orange juice, lemon juice and a whole bunch of fruit for garnish. You have to let it sit for, at least, an hour and a half but it is so much better overnight. Of course, you don’t have to serve this for breakfast or brunch, but it would give your meal that extra something at the end.



Non-Alcoholic Sangria

Non-Alcoholic Sangria

Who says you have to have alcohol in your Sangria in order for it to be good?!


  • • 5 c. Cranberry Cocktail or Pure Cranberry juice
  • • 17 oz. bottle (2 1/2 c.) Sparkling Grapefruit Juice
  • • 2 c. brewed white tea (you can choose a flavor you feel comfortable)
  • • 1 orange, squeezed
  • • 2 tbsp. lemon juice
  • • 1 orange, sliced
  • • 1 Fuji apple, diced
  • • 1 c. red grapes, halved ( optional)


  1. In a large pitcher combine all the juices and tea and stir. Slice the orange, apples, and grapes (if you choose) and add to the Sangria. If you feel the need to add sweeteners I suggest waiting after it has set and then decide if it needs it. I did not use any sweeteners in mine. The fruit made it sweet enough for me. Do not add ice cubes because it will dilute the flavor. If you want to serve with ice, place them in individual glasses. Allow to site for 1 and a half hours, at least ( I suggest longer) and serve.

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