Breakfast Pie with a Hash Brown Crust


This week is all about pie! Teeny’s Tour of Pie to be exact! I was given a great opportunity to test some of the recipes from the “Teeny’s Tour of Pie” cookbook and share them with you. I must say…I am glad that I was asked and accepted this great opportunity. I have so much… 

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Strawberry White Chocolate Scones


Why do I make things like this when I am supposed to be watching my figure? There aren’t words in the English vocabulary that has been created that can describe these scones. I’ll try. How about…WOBALONGADINGDONGDELICIOUS? I still don’t know if that does the trick. You know what these scones remind me of? A southern… 

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Breakfast Burrito with Smoked Salmon


Okay, let’s get our bodies back in order together. Last week I gave you a list of healthy recipes that you can find on my blog that are easy and delicious. Well, I am getting ready to add more healthy recipes to that list. You know, it takes me a while to really think about… 

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Blueberry and Lemon Muffins


I was craving blueberries and lemons at the same time when I came up with these. Actually, I’m lying, I really just wanted to fill my loft with the wonderful aroma of muffins.                                   Okay guys, I have been… 

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Sexy Breakfast Foods

breakfast blog cover collage

Good morning Sugar Babies! Breakfast is absolutely my favorite meal of the day when I’m not eating healthy. Usually for breakfast I eat yogurt, fruit, granola, and tea. That is typically my “go-to” breakfast every morning. If I’m not eating that I’m eating oatmeal. When I don’t care about my caloric intake I love eating… 

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Pumpkin Waffles with Apple Compote


It’s Halloween time in the retail world… Which means its pumpkin time… Which means its comfort food time… Which means its Pumpkin Waffles time!                               My one year anniversary with my boyfriend is next month (Yay!) and there is this dress… 

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