Pina Colada Cupcakes


As soon as I made these cupcakes, I immediately wanted to go on vacation. What I wouldn’t give to lay along the side of a beach somewhere with the sun beaming down and hug me with its warmth. Ahhhh, the sound of the waves coming ashore and kiss my feet. One hand held by my… 

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Vegan Chocolate Mayonnaise Cupcakes


Okay, so I kind of went Vegan and cupcake crazy. Can you blame me? A couple days ago, I shared with you Vegan Yellow Cupcakes that were amazing and a half. Today, I am sharing with you Vegan Chocolate Mayonnaise Cupcakes that are just as good. It is my mission in life to learn how… 

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Apple Beer Cupcakes


So, who would have ever thought about putting beer in cupcakes? ME! I am more of a cocktail person than a wine or beer gal. But, I do enjoy all three libations. Like most women, I like just about any cocktail or alcoholic beverage that is sweet. I strongly detest red wine (I’m trying to… 

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Devil’s Chocolate Cupcakes w/ Spicy Mexican Chocolate Frosting

chocolate-cupcakes (1)

Spice…spice baby! I got your spice….spice baby! The first time I heard of spicy chocolate I thought that it would taste nasty and I don’t know why in the world someone would come up with that ridiculous idea. How could chocolate taste good spicy? But lo and behold it really does! It still tastes like… 

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Snow Cone Cupcakes


Who reading this blog entry is crazy about The Food Network like I am? I mean if you are browsing Google or found me byway of another food blog, more than likely, you are a huge fan like me. I would say that 66% of the time, my television is on the Food Network Channel…. 

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